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Dentist Advises how to Care for your Teeth during Pregnancy

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The general population is not aware that some dental procedures performed while a woman is pregnant may adversely affect fetal health.  The Manhattan Beach Dentist would like to educate mothers-to-be on what they should and should not do during pregnancy to protect the fetus and ensure optimum oral health for the mother.

There is a connection between gum disease and preterm or underweight newborns.  Affected women have higher amounts of hormones in the body which may have the possibility to induce labor.  ‘Pregnancy gingivitis’ can be described as red, inflamed gums that tend to bleed easily.  Routine brushing and flossing is clearly important in everyday life, but becomes an essential task which will help ensure the health of the baby.

It is recommended that women visit Dr. Firshein and staff of Manhattan Dental Care to identify and treat any dental issues prior to becoming pregnant.  If a woman is already pregnant and thinks she may require any dental treatment, it’s wise to consult the OB/GYN beforehand.  She will likely be advised to wait until the third trimester to undergo any treatment other than a routine cleaning.  Early in the pregnancy is when the baby undergoes the most development and any aggravation may harm the fetus.  

It’s essential that both the mother and the unborn child have adequate amounts of calcium, so please be sure to drink plenty of milk and take supplements as prescribed by your doctor.  Studies have shown that calcium deficient women are most prone to tooth loss.  Keep in mind that other great sources of calcium for mother and baby include yogurt and cheese.

If you are pregnant, make an appointment with your Manhattan Beach General Dentist as soon as possible.  Make sure that you tell Dr. Firshein and staff exactly how many weeks pregnant you are.  If emergency dental treatment is necessary, Dr. Firshein will be able to assess the best medicine to give you for the procedure with the adequate knowledge of your pregnancy at hand.

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