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MESICS® Launches An Array Of Powerful Products For Stress Re

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The global quest for safe and effective RELIEF from today's "MISERIES", such as stress, anxiety, panic, insomnia and depression, inspired MESICS® , a company developed by Dr. Jim Manganiello, award winning psychologist, teacher and author.

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) December 15, 2012

As the stress, strain and cold of winter holiday season gripped the Northeast of the United States many men and women felt the effects of the "miseries" affecting millions of people around the globe in 2012.

People around the globe tired of feeling miserable are looking for safe and proven ways to get relief from Stress; Anxiety and Panic, Insomnia and Depression. brings next generation science-based health and wellness solutions to men and women of all ages. MESICS® is an acronym for Mens Sana In Corpore Sano—“A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body” and evolved from years of pioneering work done at the New England Mindbody Institute. The MESICS Board of Advisors includes many preeminent health scientists, teachers and world class clinicians. The Products are digital Packs and include step by step, clear and precise instructions so there is no confusion. They deliver. MESICS Products have enjoyed strong results.


Consistent research has shown that the what drives today's "MISERIES" are what evolutionary biologists call the Great Mismatch between our hard wiring and our way of life. Our hard wiring is obsolete. It's meant for a time that is long gone. Life is fast paced and complex today with 400 years of social change going on in 60 years. As a result, toxic chemicals release in error and then seep into our blood and tissues, giving rise to problems such as burnout, anxiety, panic, sleep problems and depression. MESICS Products™ flush these chemicals out of the system and restore a sense of well-being, vibrant energy and happiness.


Researchers have concluded that MESICS Products also create the conditions needed to feel a whole lot better, more confident, self-assured and in control. These Relief Packs provide the system and the tools for people to develop and enjoy greater strength, endurance and flexibility in their mind. They can then become more mindful and aware, so that they respond to life situations with clarity and conviction, rather than react to life circumstances with stress and confusion.


For more information on the MESICS® Relief Packs and to learn how to crush and overcome today's "miseries"

visit MESICS MESICS® mission is to bring large numbers of people advanced solutions to problems that make life miserable, and that create preventable health problems. MESICS Products are designed to enable people to live better and longer. More healthy, happy, aware and tolerant—and more capable of recognizing the important things in life. All MESICS® Products are 100% guaranteed.


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