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Eyelash Extensions – Some Facts

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Eyelash extensions are applied by hand to each of the own lashes of people and this procedure is generally done by a makeup technician, beautician or a registered cosmetologist. It is a delicate procedure that can take around two to three hours for completing it in both eyes. When it is performed, the professional will be suggesting that the person to whom it is done should keep her eyes closed until it is fully completed and this is a tough task for many people. The life of natural hairs around the eyes is generally 60-90 days and when they fall new ones grows naturally.

Generally, people with long lashes look beautiful and this is the reason why many women belonging to California and even other parts of the world wish to get this procedure done for their wedding such that they can look great on the important day of their lives.

When eyelash extensions has been done on a lady, she will be recommended by the service provider to follow certain procedures for ensuring that they can last longer and they are discussed below:

They are recommended to avoid hot sauna or steam close to their eyes and running water directly on the lashes should be avoided. Also, rubbing of eyes should be avoided and only water based mascara should be used. In addition, when mascara is applied it should be done from middle to tip and it should never be applied in the root area. Furthermore, it should never be removed forcibly since natural lashes might also come out prematurely and curlers should never be used.

For people belonging to California, there are professionals offering eyelash extensions in California and some of these professionals are also offering training classes for people interested in learning this technique. Even workshops are also conducted by these professionals, wherein the trainees are taught about marketing techniques, maintenance and aftercare tips, removal process, touch-ups, initial techniques to apply them and also about safety, sanitation and hygiene.

These decorators are of different types and there are those that are designed to work for a short period of a day or two. There are semi-permanent models and these are skillfully attached to the natural lashes and medical grade adhesives are used for this purpose. Users need not worry about their weight since they are weightless and when properly maintained the semi-permanent types can last for a longer time. So, get the help of right professional for obtaining eyelash extensions in California for enhancing the beauty of your eyes.

Eyelash extensions are the latest craze of modern women. Trangs Touch providing best eyelash extensions service by highly skilled professionals to give the perfect lash look. To know more about eyelash extensions in California visit our website.

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