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Top 3 Funniest Christmas Photos

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We often just give gifts on Christmas day and other special occasions just to let them know (the ones we give gifts to) that they are remembered during their birthdays and wedding anniversaries and holidays but do we really care about the importance of a thought? A simple yet warm and heartfelt thought of the reason why we are giving gifts to people we know? These thoughts may just as simple as remembering and appreciating different characters or personalities we know that in one way or another have contributed something good or bad (which most certainly must have impacted us in a way that would make us learn from it and become better person) hence we give presents.

We should not give presents only to appear we have not forgotten the recipient but we give gifts because we appreciate their personalities no matter how different they are. We give Photo books or gifts because we want to comfort the spirit by sending a message that no matter what, we are here and we can listen.

p>In some Asian countries like Philippines and Malaysia, people are expecting a more expensive presents most especially during Christmas parties, birthdays and other holiday celebrations as this is dictated by culture. But there are people who do not at all care about the cost of a present. A gift on a special day brings a smile on their faces as gifts are tokens to symbolize the fact they are remembered. This is what the meaning of a gift is.Overtime, the meaning of gifts to some people has somewhat evolved. Gifts are more appreciated and thanked for if they come in a form of cash, or big cash. Who does not need cash anyway? And cash may be $1 or 10 or 100 or a whopping $1000. Actually, the feeling of happiness after receiving such a gift depends on the recipient. Give a child $1 and you will put a smile in his heart. Some prefer that their gas tanks be filled than to receive cash or even better, a beer.

Again, the fastest and the most practical gift come in a form of Greeting Cards or cash . But if this is not an option and you are still finding it difficult choosing what to give, think of that something very simple yet meaningful for the person. This maybe a coffee mug for instance, to remind the recipient how you would spend time talking about anything under the sun during college or anything like it to reminisce good old days.

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