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Torque Tool 101: Proper Care and Upkeep

by jeanettewest

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If you are aiming to attain specific torque results, you have to get a top-caliber torque tool. Mainly used on Torque tools come in many shapes and sizes; they are used mainly for mechanical applications. The most popular known torque tool is the torque wrench. Not like regular wrenches, torque wrenches are calibrated to be very accurate, and, as a result, have to be made use of and maintained thoroughly.

There are three basic types to torque wrenches: the micrometer, the dial and the beam. Each has its very own level of precision, strength, and degree of upkeep. Below are a some tips on the best ways to guarantee that torque wrenches operate effectively, despite which type you have.

Given that these are accuracy devices, a great quantity of care and caution should be exercised whenever they are used. Many torque wrenches are manufactured to be utilized in one direction (to screw nuts and bolts). Although a torque wrench has a strong construction, its interior mechanisms could be harmed if you turn it in the opposite direction (to loosen nuts and bolts), which ruins the tool's precise torque readings.

At the same time, be careful not to drop torque wrenches or mix then with other tools. The pressure of the drop or other equipments smashing against the wrenches can have an effect on their precision. As much as possible, stock them in their authentic protective box. For micrometer kind torque wrenches, always set them at the lowest level (essentially at 20 % torque) just before putting in storage. As a general rule, keep these devices clean and well-lubricated.

Don't use a torque wrenches as a substitute for other device. This means that you cannot use them as a make-shift hammer or crowbar. Doing so can lead to incorrect readings or breaking the wrenches entirely.

Additionally, keep in mind that like some other things, the more torque wrenches are put to work, the faster they will tire out. With appropriate usage, appropriate calibration is necessary to keep the wrench as accurate as possible. You should have it recalibrated every 5,000 to 7,000 cycles or once a year. On a side note, proper maintenance does not solely apply to torque devices like torque wrenches, it also concerns any type of high quality air tool that you may own. To learn more, see

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