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WoW News— No Auction House In Mists Of Pandaria

by wowwowgold

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Blizzard confirms no Auction House in Pandaria. Blizzard Community Manager Brennvin has confirmed that the developers have no current plan to introduce an Auction House to the new Mists of Pandaria cities, Shrine of the Seven Stars and Shrine of the Two Moons. The current auctioneers are only for engineers, just like the one in Dalaran during Wrath and much of Cataclysm. Provide Cheapest World of Warcraft Gold and wow power leveling with Cheapest price but best service! WoW News— No Auction House In Mists Of Pandaria


It was the same with Wrath of the Lich King and Dalaran (including an Auction House for Engineers). Keeping them in the main cities for most players helps spread out the population but also keeps them relevant. Personally, I don’t mind traveling back there when I need to make a purchase. I just plan ahead when I know what I’ll be looking for or when creating new auctions myself..


It might be true that it was the same in Wotlk but doesn’t mean it was a good idea. Also, The portal to Pandaria is only in SW meaning that other cities aren’t much of an option.Buy cheap WoW goldsafe WoW gold & quick WoW gold, enjoy World of Warcraft gold 24/7 multilingual service.

If you really want to spread the population out then make a portal to Pandaria in all major cities.The answer is the Black Market Auction House is a new type of auction house being introduced in the new Mists of Pandaria expansion. For the most part, we actually feel the method used in previous expansions and again here in Mists of Pandaria works well. We also don’t believe it’s very demanding asking most players to take just an extra few minutes to access an auction house. Obviously some players will want the most accessibility as quickly as possible, but to avoid overcrowding and to disperse the population, this is the best method of meeting those goals.

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