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Playing with the Right Baseball Bats

by adam89

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Wooden baseball bats have gained lot of popularity as best youth baseball bats and senior league baseball bats during the last decade both with professionals and amateurs. This was more so after all records were set by Barry Bonds using Sam Bats especially composed by maple. It is believed that maple being harder than ash does not bend and flex so much at the time of energy transfer to ball as in the case of ash. Judicious players are able to hear difference between the balls that are hit with maple and ash. Aluminium bats were introduced in 1970’s.This resulted in increasing batting average and home run hits doubled. In Major Leagues baseball bats of lighter materials are being used.

Those having faith in maple believe that it will bend less and last longer being stronger. They feel that property of flex and bend of ash is advantageous to hitter. Maple is more expensive compared to ash. One reason for this is supply and demand and another is that maple is that it is put through to tougher drying process to reduce the moisture content. Some other types of wood are also being used for making bats like birch, hickory, oak and bamboo. Many believe that birch and bamboo are somewhat midway between maple and ash. Hybrid bats joining wood and metal, plastic or bamboo are now used by amateur players for helping them to switch over from metal to wood and are considered to be best youth baseball bats.

Children have always been fond of baseball bats and enjoy this popular American game. In the beginning they use plastic bats and improve on usage of better quality base ball bats gradually. More momentum is given to ball by heavier bat but it also implies less speedy swing. Bats made from aluminium or graphite hit balls much farther than those made of wood.

In case you are thinking of buying a base ball bat, the user must be kept in mind. Senior league baseball bats should be picked carefully as the bat would affect the entire game. Control and speed are important considerations while purchasing baseball bat. If it is too heavy it will not be suitable for you. Check grip. When closed, your fingertips should meet around handle. An expert may advice you about suitable senior league baseball bats.

It should actually be the player who will decide the type of bat he wishes to use. Few young players might purchase same type bat both in ash and maple and try them out. Some players prefer to use ash in summer and maple in colder period. Whatever be the choice, the best part about wood baseball bats is that they keep hitters thinking about it.

Best youth baseball bats should have a shorter barrel which would amount to lower flex across the barrel. A composite youth baseball bat that is rolled will not be able to gain the same distance as a composite men's bat due to the difference in their length.

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