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Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl – Advantages and Differences

by chunkyjunkie

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Gloves are used for many purposes in residential and commercial applications. Gloves used commonly are made up of latex, nitrile as well as vinyl. There are many latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves companies from where you can get to buy the things. All three materials not only have different applications but also advantages as well. Below are mentioned uses of all the three gloves differently.

Advantages of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves:

Latex gloves:

Latex gloves can be used for both household and commercial applications. These gloves are generally used as a protective cover against things that can be dangerous to your health. These gloves are being seen mainly in health care units where doctors put it in to deal with their patients.

Latex gloves are available in both full and short length. Full-length gloves come till elbow so that it can guard your skin completely. On the other hand, short length latex gloves reach till the wrists. Full-length latex gloves are usually hard in comparison to the shorter ones and therefore are used in chemical industries.

Vinyl gloves:

Vinyl gloves are used mostly owing to its several advantages. The first reason on why many people use these gloves is that they act as barrier towards different allergens. Vinyl gloves are good option for those who are prone to allergies. These gloves are available in numerous styles and sizes so that they suit anybody’s requirements comfortably. Hence you can choose the thing as per your preference.

One of the main reasons for using vinyl gloves is they make sure that your hands does not get hurt with dangerous chemicals such as acids and others. These gloves provide maximized protection to your hands from several substances.

Nitrile gloves:

Nitrile gloves offer great support as a protection to your hands from different allergens. These gloves have gained popularity to that of latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are being used by many people as they prevent your hands from different infections, dirt etc. However doctors and nurses make use of nitrile gloves mostly as they work better in hazardous locations. The main thing about nitrile gloves is that they last longer in comparison to other materials.

With number of nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves stockist, you can look for a new one. So, you can now throw away your old gloves and get a pair of latex, vinyl and nitrile as desired.

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