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Tips on How to kill Bedbugs in Household

by scaffonline

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Bedbugs are a kind of very tiny insects, which live in the gap of a bed and feed on human blood. The jus- hatched ones have a transparent body with light black color. The adult ones are very deep in color, have an egg shaped body and are of a size of a watermelon seed. You may get confused about their presence in your house, with the presence of other pests like the cockroach whose juvenile also look like these blood sucking pests. The bite of these insects is although pain less but can leave behind scars and itchy rashes. The bite of this bug appears as a lump and is quite itchy. This lump gets reduced with in two to three days but if the skin is too sensitive can leave scar marks on the bitten area.


Process for Killing These Bugs


Every household suffering from bedbug infested beds, cloths and other items think about how to kill bedbugs. Killing and making your house free from these blood suckers is not an easy task. Even the pest control experts are sometimes not successful to eradicate these pests completely from your house as, most of these insects are resistant to the pest control measures taken to kill them. Even the newly hatched ones become resistant to the medicine and spray, which were earlier successful to kill them.


In this condition, the only solution to kill these insects is hot and cold treatment. Under this treatment, the bedbugs are forced to come out of their hidings like cracks, bed gaps, old cloths, old wooden wardrobes, etc.  with the help of hot blower.


Once they are out, they are collected in sticky tapes or napkin papers and are exposed to blower heat. They can’t resist the continuous heat of the blower and die. Another process for killing these blood sucking insects is to expose them to extreme cold conditions. But the hot treatment is much effective then the later one. If you have hired the services of pest control experts then you can ask them to use the latest toxin to kill these bugs.


Precautions You Should Take


If your house and bed is not infested with this dangerous bedbug then be aware that any time they can enter you house and can stay in your bed. The easiest ways these insects follow to enter houses is through old furniture pieces, old used mattresses, old wardrobes, suitcases, bags and old cloths. So, before entering any of these things in your house please thoroughly check for the presence of this bug. Better if you don’t go for used items as they may be sold only because of infestation of bedbugs.

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