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The Christmas tree is a great symbol of the season

by brandonn2805

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The Christmas tree: a stalwart symbol of the festive season. Standing tall and strong, the ever green pine never is a bright sprig of life and nature in an otherwise barren season. It reflects a holiday that lights up the coldest months with the warm touch of joy and wonder, bringing families together and casting away the darkness of December days. Festooned with little trinkets and baubles, there are few sights that can match a fully decorated Christmas tree as it sits resplendent with light and colour.


The problem is, it’s all a bit boring, isn’t it? In a world where Christmas means Ipads, Mulberry bags and afternoons with a London escort, the traditional tree doesn’t really cut it. The tired old palette of green, red and gold. The decorations that were probably rather nice before decades of wear and tear reduced them to something that wouldn’t fetch a pound at a bootsale. The idea of a Christmas tree is to give a great centrepiece to a room, to friends and family something to gather round, to bring festive spirit into the household. An unoriginal tree says: “I’m not overly bothered” or worst still: “this is just something I do because I have to.” That is not the impression that loved ones want to be getting. They want to see love, care and attention. They want to see originality and creativity, a bright spark of imagination that shows that this tree really means something and someone has put genuine thought and affection into its preparation.


This isn’t to say that there shouldn’t be a tree. There most definitely should be. Many employ artificial trees in the sake of convenience and whilst that’s great when it comes to the hoovering, the message is again one of apathy. It basically prioritises a clean carpet over the family nestled beneath it. There’s something profoundly lacking in festive cheer about that. Others choose to have an abstract piece of art, a metal construct or piece of representative art. Whilst these show imagination, they’re the finished article already, which means that the artist rather than the owner is the one that performs the actual creation.


So it should be decorated by its owner, and the people that they love, but with originality. There are a whole host of ways to customise a tree without using the traditional fare. Hiring a London escort can be a great way to get a good second opinion on what to go with, as those girls certainly know style. Replace chocolates in their foil with something a little different, like the multicoloured swirl of a fruit salad sweety, some gingerbread or little packets of lovehearts. A few baubles here and there is fine, as is tinsel when used sparingly but the focus should be on using something out of the ordinary. Ceramic plaques make great tree hangings as can wooden robins and other christmas animals. Avoid “flocking” the trees with fake snow as this almost always looks tacky. Those that want to colour their trees should look to do so in very small amounts as a way to bring focus to certain parts of the tree or to offset particularly bright or garish ornaments.


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