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What to do if You Forgot iPhone Password?

by maddyacca

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At times you come up with such a strong passcode that you yourself find it hard to recall. In times of being unable to reach your iPhone because you forgot iPhone passcode, you need not worry since it is quite simple to access into your iPhone. Read on to know how.

Some Popular Ineffective Procedures

You can find a number of procedures over the internet to get to know how you can retrieve your password put on the lock screen however, it is annoying to find most of these methods highly ineffectual. As far as the earlier versions of iOS are concerned, they had a bug to let you into the iPhone by making a false emergency call. This isn’t effective anymore. Others tell you that the passcode can be deleted from iExplorer, SSH or iPhone Browser on your jailbroken iPhone but that isn’t working now either. So it's useless to jailbreak iPhone 4s or any other apple device. Even the ‘Find My iPhone’s passcode lock’ utility does not let you put another new passcode to replace the one you can’t remember.

what to do if forgot iphone passcode

You might want to check the methods you have found on your own over the internet but here is the one that was found to work successfully after trying and testing a number of methods given over the web. Here are the instructions for the method that really worked.

What to do if Forgot iPhone Passcode?

Procedure That Really Works

The best shot any iPhone user has with dealing a forgotten password or password is to restore the phone still; your passcode will prevent a regular reset. The good news is it is not a complicated job to override this prevention. Follow these instructions:

  1. First step, as always, is to backup all your data before you proceed to do anything with your iPhone. Since your passcode does not stop you from syncing your phone to the computer so go ahead to save your data in iTunes. In case you an iCloud user, you better shift it to your PC to ensure safety of all your data.
  2. Put iPhone in DFU mode. You will be able to do this if you keep the power button pressed together with the home button for around ten seconds. Apple logo will show up then you may release the power button but keep the home button still pressed. In a while an image will be displayed showing a USB cable along with an iTunes icon and a notification “Connect to iTunes”.
  3. If up till this point you have your iPhone still linked to your computer with iTunes opened then you should see another notification saying that your iPhone has been detected by iTunes and it needs to restore since it is detected in recovery mode. Hit the Restore option and wait till iOS gets downloaded to your iPhone and installed.
  4. Now all you have to do is sync back your iPhone to your iTunes and your data will be back to your iPhone restored without any password. There, problem solved!

A lot of you would really prefer an even more straightforward procedure without having to go through with the DFU mode restore of the iPhone. But it is required to get back into your iPhone since none of the simpler methods mentioned before seems to work. At least the passcode kept your data safe, a little too safe even for yourself.

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