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Information technology offers various SAP opportunities

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IT sector has a huge scope in SAP. It is enterprise resource planning software (ERP), which is used for commercial business. It stands for software application products for database. It is used in all types of business sectors such as information technology, automation, aerospace, networking, pharmaceuticals and more. It has many modules to enhance the business and help the organization to handle the workloads easily. It has domains in logistics, finance, operations, customer relationship, business and many more. Out of all these ABAP, HR, FICO and CRM are gaining popularity and have a huge scope in IT industry.

With growing demand and popularity, more and more individuals are making careers in SAP. Any SAP HR (human resource) module consists of system configurations, master data, transactions and much more. The main job responsibility of HR is to maintain the data of resources from hiring to the retiring process. It has many sub-components like organizational management, personal management, recruitment, compensation management, organizational structure, payroll and many more. Every organization prefers this module to maintain the employees financial and position details. Personal administration, development, training, organization plans and other activities are important in human resource module. It is related to finance and also handle payroll department. They have to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and minimize the financial risk in an organization. Implementation planning, testing, configuration, analysis and support also includes in this job description.

SAP ABAP is a programming language and is used for developing applications in ERP software. ABAP stands for advanced business application programming language. It resembles java, but functions differently. It is helpful in developing web applications, data dictionary objects, domain definitions, BSP applications, web Dynpro controllers and many more development objects. It has a java based run time environment. It is a programming module in SAP module and has three main components such as data dictionary, repository information and development workbench. In ABAP, every program development is stored in the R/3 repository system. It consists of text elements and source codes. ABAP professionals focus on NetWeaver to develop, implement and support the applications.

SAP FICO stands for finance and controls and plays a key role in financial processing transactions. Every organization is in need of SAP FICO consultant to manage the financial processes. People should be proficient and have good understanding on SAP FI and co modules. They should understand the accounting requirements and financial reporting processes. People should have experience to handle SAP in all aspects of business. Multiple openings are attracting young engineers to choose SAP career.


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