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Zipping and Zooming Fun with Jet Boats from Alberta

by rosalindarudloff

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Whenever the subject of water travel is brought up, most people think of powerful yet clunky water vessels that travel at slow, stately speeds. The lazy pace of these boats can even induce nausea, and a lot more people naturally prefer to travel by air or rail. But there’s more to boats than just the plain old propeller-driven variety.


Enter the jet boat, a water craft that propels itself by drawing water from underneath and then expelling it from the rear to generate thrust. Jet boats are blazingly fast and are highly maneuverable as well—something almost unheard of in any marine vehicle. If you’re curious about these swift crafts, then perhaps you should consider purchasing high-speed jet boats from Alberta.


The jet boat was the invention of one Sir William Hamilton of New Zealand, who wanted a vessel that could safely traverse the shallow and treacherous rivers of the country. Because the jet boats didn’t utilize a propeller, there was no risk of any motor parts scraping riverbed rocks. In effect, Sir Hamilton didn’t just create a safer vehicle; he also made a revolutionary craft that could blast through the waters at over 60 mph and stop on a dime as well.


Jet boats, due to their unique mode of propulsion, are capable not only of extreme speed but also of surprising maneuverability. In fact, it’s entirely possible to go from full speed to full stop within a moment’s notice, thanks to the jet engine’s capability to instantaneously fire reverse. Additionally, jet engines generate less hull resistance versus rudder-and-prop based engines—which means that the craft remains stable even when hitting speeds of 50 knots or more. Speed, maneuverability, and efficient hydrodynamics—these are why jet boats are the vehicle of choice for security, military, and rescue operations.


You don’t need to be a serviceman to ride a jet boat. You could buy adrenaline-pumping Alberta jet boats made especially for recreational use. You, too, can experience the thrill of operating a monster of a boat.


Not all boats are boring and sluggish. Pick up a jet boat now, and get ready to have your face ripple and wrinkle against the winds—don’t say you weren’t warned. Weigh the performance of jet engines versus prop engines by visiting

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