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How to Recover Deleted Photos From MAC OS

by anonymous

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With the wide-spread usage of Apple devices (iPods, iPhones, and iPads), it is little wonder that more and more people have switched their operating system from Windows to Mac. But, for those, in film and fashion industry, who have to majorly work on images, and videos, dependence on Mac is beyond questioning. With the fast processing, and unbeatable clarity in viewing, Mac machines have always won customers vote. But does this powerful machine not have any problems? It would be wrong to assume such a thing! A Mac machine too is as much an electromechanical device, and prone to its set of troubles. And any professional working on this machine with his video, image or sound file, will have to opt for comprehensive Mac data recovery including Mac photo recovery. This can be performed either using appropriate steps, backups – if available, or using appropriate tools.


Let us understand this situation using appropriate example!


Michelle was working on her photos that had to be published in the magazine, and had been told by her supervisor that the same needs to be submitted earlier than the schedule, as the work plan had been changed abruptly. Working incessantly to complete the last collage that she had created in Photoshop, she suddenly found herself sitting next to a blank screen. There had been an outage, and the computer had shut down abruptly. Upon briefing her supervisor about the situation, she got a nod from them. When the power came, and she started the system, it didn't boot. After calling the IT-helpdesk, she found her system had crashed, and they had to test the system further to see what could be wrong. But what happened to the photos? She had to submit it to her supervisor, as this task was urgent.


But, the system had to be formatted as there were some major issues with the file system of her Mac machine. And, she did not have any backup!


Distressed, she met her supervisor, and confessed to not having any backups. She knew, it was a tough situation. He dismissed her, and as she left, she heard him talking to the IT helpdesk personnel. After a while, one of the representatives from that team came, and asked her to accompany him to the IT room. There, she learnt that her hard drive had been formatted and connected to another working computer, and they were using a Mac Photo Recovery software to recover all her photos. She pointed to the files that were important, and got them all recovered using that powerful tool.


After the entire episode, she researched about that software, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, and found, instead of a weird looking technical software, a fairly intuitive tool, that was very simple to operate. Having two different versions, one each for Mac and Windows operating system, she instantly downloaded a copy of the Mac Photo Recovery tool for her personal use as well.



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