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When to Phone Your Local Denver Fence Repair Contractor

by christianrenwick

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Many homeowners in Denver have fences in their lawns to keep their pets secure; therefore, it must come as no surprise that the city is one of the ten pet-friendliest cities in America. Sometimes, nonetheless, fences can develop gaps in between the rails, and commonly they're wide enough for animals to traverse. If you find yourself calling out for Max more times than you should, the offender may be your fence; below are several popular fence problems:

Loose nails

Unlatched nails are the most likely reasons for gaps in your fence. The best way to mend this concern is to drive them back into place or pull them off and substitute them with new ones. If you have wood fences which have gotten so deteriorated that nails are unable to hold properly or can no longer be affixed to the wood, you'll need to call on Denver fence repair specialists to reinstall a new fence.

Hornets' or wasps' nests

Wood fences are an ideal home for many kinds of insects, particularly wasps and hornets. Wasp and hornet nests in your fence will be damaging to the structure and give safety threats for you, your family, and your pets. When this takes place, take out the nests using gloves, put the nests in a tough garbage bag, and then place them in a sealed garbage can.

Chipped paint

If you've noticed cracked paint on your wood fence, think about repainting them. Afterwards, have them tinted to preserve the color of the paint. If your wood fence is past saving, seek reliable fence companies in Denver that can mount fences of Premium Grade Western Red Cedar in your yard.

Uneven fences

Bent fences or fences pitching to one side will need to be readjusted. This is probably caused by a post that has rotten over time, causing the fence to become wobbly. Instead of using a traditional wood post, mull over making use of a galvanized metal post referred to as the PostMaster-- an extremely durable post which is less prone to degeneration and has the ability to stand up to strong winds.

Busted locks or hinges

Ensure to change hinges that have corroded, as this may cause the fence to get jammed. Also, make sure to change out defective locks, as it's ineffective to have a fence which can't be secured with locks. For more information, visit

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