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All there is to Know When Building a Deck out of Wood

by angelinagarcia

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Building a deck out of natural hardwood can certainly make your house look nice, but some may point out that you're destroying lots of healthy trees at the same time. If that's the case, you're ruining the environment for merely your own advantage. It's best to offer wooden decks a chance to defend its stand; you may be surprised at exactly what this deck has to say.

First, you need to learn exactly how certain products live their life from beginning to end. For the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there is what they call a life cycle assessment (LCA) which they define as an assessment of the ecological aspect and influence of a certain item or product in the market. The LCA has 4 phases: manufacturing, treatment, use, and disposal. This is how the EPA generally reviews particular products as to how they'll influence the birds and the trees in the foreseeable future.

Polymer-based decking might have the advantage in terms of materials used over wood as it doesn't use any trees. Plastics can help conserve what remains of the world's forests, as they are made synthetically in factories. Nevertheless, when you look at the part when the products are processed, it's a completely different ball game.

Unlike plastics, wood is easily available and easy to gather, requiring fewer equipment to sustain supply. You just need a really good chainsaw to fell a tree that can convert to tons of wood for deck replacement and building. Other materials may use heavy machinery to make these materials, which could additionally require nonrenewable fuel source.

In the end, both wood and plastic decks require valuable, natural resources for manufacturing. There isn't really a better or worse option when it pertains to decking as individuals have different views on different products. This is to show that wood decking isn't really creating an unfavorable impact on the environment. If you take the LCA into account when evaluating plastic and wood decks, you can get a more clear picture.

To learn more about wooden decks, you can visit There is a detailed report you could continue reading, dispelling the misconception that wooden decks are unsafe to Mother Nature. While they need felling trees, the EPA is always keeping a close eye on the production process.

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