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Know more about online storage

by virtualdrive

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While working with computers, one can face a lot of problems. One of the most severe problems is losing data. This can be caused by viruses through external hardware, failure of the internal hardware, crash of the system or even theft at times. Therefore, it is important that you have a proper back up plan to take care of such a situation. The answer to this problem is online backup services. Through this solution you will be able to preserve you files and folders online and rest assured that your important documents are safe and secured. There are many interesting features of the advanced online backup services that are available these days. They are listed as follows: 

• Branding 

You will be able to add a logo of the company and the scheme of color to the storage site. You also be able to add the custom links to the outside pages that would include the website of your company. 

• Shared Kinks 

You would be able to create a link by just one click to any folder or file that has been stored online. You can get the links emailed or get them posted to another website or you could send them to others using methods of communication that has been provided by the provider by the storage service. 

• Permission 

This will let you get the sharing permissions for the stored data. You can get your folders and files specified as editable and also make them viewable for users that have been specified by you. 

These are some of the features that have made the services of online storage so much popular among various users of personal and professional field.

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