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The Importance of Risk Assessment for Disaster Data Recovery

by rubybadcoe

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For places with a strong consumer culture like Los Angeles, using technology to maximize productivity is crucial for business. Though it seems that there’s nothing that technology can’t do today, its hardware is still prone to breaking down and malfunctioning. This is why more companies are beginning to hire experts on data management to back up company files and make sure that they have a separate archive for data. For businesses that want to avoid the trouble of having to recover lost data, having a professional assess their data recovery risk is necessary.

Data recovery is the process of retrieving access to seemingly lost data. Data may be lost due to a hardware malfunction or a system crash. Files that have been accidentally deleted can also be retrieved through data recovery. Knowing the basics of data recovery can help you understand why it’s important to have an expert assess the risk for disaster data recovery for your LA business.

There are two main causes of data loss—physical failures and logical failures. Damage to the hardware or mechanism is classified as a physical failure. In order to recover the lost data, the media must be first be repaired or rebuilt. In some cases where the mechanism is beyond repair, data recovery may be impossible.

The other common cause of data loss is logical failures. Unlike physical failures, data can be lost even without any damage to the mechanism. Deletions of files, contamination with a virus, or reformatting are classified as logical failures. Data lost this way is easy to recover, provided it has not been overwritten by the user.

An expert on disaster risk assessment for data recovery in LA can help your business identify what your vulnerabilities are when it comes to business disruptions and outages. By identifying these vulnerabilities, the expert will be able to make a data recovery and business continuity plan to eliminate such risks. An assessment also helps by equipping your staff with the knowledge necessary to deal with such data loss.

Lost information means lost business for a company. It is better to be prepared by identifying your business’ weaknesses and improve upon them before anything goes wrong. To know more about data recovery and risk assessment, visit or


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