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Scanning Thousands of Files? Try Document Scanning Services

by rubybadcoe

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You may think that it doesn’t happen often, but scanning large volumes of files may occasionally lead to mistakes in identifying text within a document and arranging the pages of grouped files. This is particularly true with a single person doing the thankless, repetitive task of scanning hundreds of documents in one sitting. Household scanners can only do so much, which means that these machines are designed for moderate use.

Often, in an effort to save on cost, small businesses make the mistake of getting a flatbed scanner that’s best for home use, expecting it to excel under the weight of hundreds of sheets of paper throughout the day. If your business is intent on going the paperless route by converting paper documents of all kinds—from receipts to flyers—into digital files, you must strongly consider hiring firms that specialize in document scanning services in Los Angeles.

Why is this so? They have the resources to execute high-speed scans on thousands of documents using industrial scanning equipment that are specifically designed for heavy use. In the end, you may even save a few hundred dollars on electric bills and billable hours when you hire the services of a professional scanning firm.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a feature that was once available only on high-end scanning products. However, its increasing popularity has led to the emergence of scanning hardware and PDF technology that can recognize text that’s scanned from a document.

The accuracy rates for automated character recognition have much improved since its introduction to widespread commercial use in the 1960s. But relying solely on OCR technology to sort through documents and search from within their contents may prove to be more counterintuitive than you think.

Unless accuracy rates have reached at least 99%, especially for scanned documents typewritten before the personal computer was popular, you must take advantage of other means to sort and organize textual information within the scanned images in your archive. These include cross-referenced data validation, bar code and QR scanning, and even manual data entry—most of which are offered as document scanning services among Los Angeles providers.

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