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NYC Strip Club Rules: Sage Advice for Every Gentleman

by ellafleming

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Whenever the sun gives way to the moon, nightlife in the Big Apple begins to unfold its entire splendor through posh night clubs, live music venues, and sophisticated lounges. And in the event that you and the boys are looking to have a great time in a gentlemen's strip club in NYC, you've got a range of cool spots to pick from depending on your budget and favored type of show. Nonetheless, no matter which strip joint you pick, you have to keep in mind the following pointers on how to act like a gentleman while witnessing lap dances or a striptease performance.

Bring more than enough cash.

There are several people that you would need to tip while in the club, and these normally include the bouncer, bar person, bathroom operative, and performers. On top of that, you'll need to spend for admission and other extras such as preferred seating, limited specials, and VIP booths. Therefore, see to it that you won't fall short in cash by asking about the club's rates ahead of time.

Dress to impress.

Though most strip joints don't have a particular dress code, it still pays to dress right. Personnel in the club, especially the performers, are more inclined to be nice to attractive and fashionable patrons. In case you want to have an idea regarding what to wear, you can take a hint from what the bouncer is wearing.

Keep your hands out of the way.

Bear in mind that in a gentlemen's strip joint, the purpose of your hands is to grab your cash and never ever to grab at the performers on stage. The dancers are there to entertain through pole dancing, erotic dances, or stripteasing. Any sort of grabbing or forbidden touching could send you away from the club instantly.

Consider why you're there and be levelheaded.

Don't ever overlook that strip clubs are primarily meant to offer a form of adult entertainment. Thus, asking a dancer out on a date is absolutely taboo. It's their duty to be hospitable, but it doesn't extend beyond the club's walls.

By being courteous and decent while in sophisticated NYC night clubs, you can avoid any predicament and guarantee that you and your pals can have an enjoyable time together. Always bear in mind to have enough dough, put on the right outfit, keep your hands away from the dancers, and follow the club's protocols. For more tips and details, you can go to

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