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Let Your Pets Have Their Own Vacation

by hhahvets

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You have been planning that holiday for the best part of the year and you know you need the break. The whole family is exited and packed up to go, and your kids can’t wait to leave. Your pet dog can’t figure out what the occasion is, but he joins in too. He is an exuberant little chap, never to be left behind at any chance for merriment. And why should he be? But then that is exactly what has been worrying you.

When your pet has been drawn into the heart of your family, it is hard to leave him out, while you are away from home. It may not be your personal choice, but he can’t be taken along on your long trips, and you worry. You worry about, who you can trust to look after him while you are away, feed him and take care of him, and take him out for those daily long walks he is accustomed to. You know it in your heart that he is going to miss you - terribly. He is a sensitive chap, and needs all the love he can get, especially in your absence. Well, you have two choices- get a pet sitter, who will drop in to check on him and feed him twice a day, or send him to a dog hostel till you get back.

Your pets require a lot of care. They need their walks, their vaccines, their regular visits to the vet, and a healthy and fulfilling diet of food and abundant love. Pets can be put through a lot stress, when in the care of unfamiliar people and homes. You need to be choosy and do a lot of research and get good references from other pet owners, when you are planning to leave them in a kennel. There are lots of places that offer to take in your pets in your absence, and some of them offer to take care of them with all facilities that you provide for them at home, like a healthy diet and regular grooming and they guarantee to treat your pets with the same kind of affection that you lavish on them. Most kennel owners are great animal lovers too and run the business only for that special passion. And of course, there are people who do it just with the business side in mind, and you may want to avoid those. When you leave your pet in the hands of a stranger, you need to make sure, that he will receive all the care and consideration he would get while he is with you, in normal circumstances, and also will be able to take care of emergency situations, if he falls sick or has an accident.

The best bet in these circumstances would be to search for a boarding house that has a veterinary service attached to it, or better still, a vet clinic that offers pet boarding as an extension of their regular services. Such boarding houses are well adept with the special needs of all kinds of pets, whether it is a formidable Rottweiler or a squawky parakeet or even your quite little turtle. You can get information on Veterinary clinic Jacksonville 32225 that offer services for pet boarding kennel Jacksonville, by searching the web or looking up your local Jacksonville directory.

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