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How To Get to Control Panel in Windows 8

by maddyacca

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Before Windows 8 came along, you had the option to put Control Panel to menu or set it in a drop-down list. Now, you can directly pin it to taskbar or Start screen if your wish and if you know where to find it in the first place.

Whenever Microsoft come up with a new release of an Operating System some things are always shifted to new places leaving users to get accustomed to the new shifted locations. Windows 8 came with a surprising shift in the Start button and a removal of Start Menu that had been there since the release of Windows 3.0. For anything to find including the Control Panel, Windows users knew where to initiate the search.  This is not the case now.

The method may not be typical but there are still four ways to get to Control Panel in Windows 8 (Preview release).

Procedure 1: Search for Control Panel

“Charms” tab is will show up if you drag the mouse curser from top or bottom right. The Charms bar with five charms will appear on the right edge, click on the Search option that is also available through the keyboard key combination Windows logo + Q.

Charms bar

Type in “Control Panel” in the search pane that shows up. You can click on Control Panel from the results list. You can also do the same search from Start screen, directly.

Results for Control Panel


Procedure 2: Windows Explorer

You can access Control Panel in Windows 7 from the toolbar by opening Windows Explorer and clicking on Computer from there.

Windows 7 - Explorer

Windows 8 now has a ‘Ribbon’ in place of the same toolbar mentioned above. It is similar to the one found in Office 2010. You can access Control Panel from here.

Computer - Control Panel

Procedure 3: Settings from Charms

Bring out the Charms bar and drag cursor to the Settings option and click on it. This will bring out the Settings pane from where you can click on Control Panel.

Note: This option is only accessible from Charms setting for desktop.

Settings - Control panel


Procedure 4: This should have come first

This is perhaps the most straightforward way out of all four procedures. Right-click the previously Start button location that is now the hot corner in Windows 8. You will see a list of different options, you will find Control Panel as the fifth from the bottom option.



These are the total four ways to let you reach Control Panel. Ofcourse you will use whichever way you find most convenient, however, it is important to note these might get altered with the final release of Windows 8 since we only have Preview Release for now.

Let me know if you have any other preferred way to access the Control Panel in Windows 8.

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