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Braces Don’t Have To Obvious

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Let’s be honest, getting braces can be pretty unappealing. You want straight teeth, but you’re not sure you can put up with having for a few years. Things aren’t as bad as they used to be, you’re unlikely to have to wear unsightly head gear nowadays, but they can still make you feel self-conscious and unattractive.

Clear braces are definitely an option for those worried about the impact that corrective dentistry will have on their smile. These braces use translucent plastic or tooth coloured ceramics to disguise their appearance and they’re definitely a lot less conspicuous. Even so, they have to retain the arch-wire so it’s still fairly apparent that you have braces.

Orthodontistry has been searching for the answer to this question for years, and it looks like they may have finally found it. Invisible braces allow dentists to use a clear aligner to gradually alter their patients teeth, much as they would do with ordinary braces.

For them, the process is no more complicated than a traditional brace fitting, if anything it’s easier as it removes the need for numerous tightening sessions and readjustment. Instead they can plan out your Invisalign braces treatment with digital technology and give you a new aligner every few weeks to perfectly suit your the needs of your teeth and ensure that there are no delays or mistakes, just dental perfection.

The benefit for the patient is obvious: they can smile with confidence from the day that they get the aligners and no one will know that they’re even having dental correction. They’re discreet, efficient and tailored to suit the individual’s needs. They’re also removable, which has a number of distinct advantages. Firstly, it allows them to be taken out occasionally, meaning that you don’t have to feel self conscious  when you’re going for an important interview or having your picture taken. Second, it means that they’re a lot easier to clean than traditional braces, where food and plaque can often become lodged in cavities and between the metal. Finally, it means that you can have your treatment adjusted easily and without discomfort, unlike the tightening process that’s required with traditional braces.

The treatment isn’t that widespread at the moment, but public awareness of this innovation is growing.There are already a number of dentists offering invisalign braces in London and many more are expected to spring up around the country. There is one final advantage that will help tip the scales and bring the treatment into mainstream practice: for most adults, the total treatment time is just under a year. Considering that traditional braces often need to be in place for at least 18 months and sometimes take over 2 years to really make an impact, this is a stunning reduction. Not only are invisible braces more comfortable and less noticeable, they work at a much faster rate. Getting a winning smile has never been so easy.

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