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Jakarta is all about culture, traditions and fun … discover

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One capital city that is known to allure the vacationers with its myriad hues and shades is Jakarta. The city has so much in its basket that no matter what is your temperament and liking, you will definitely fall in love with the place. Though the travelers who onboard the Jakarta flights might have different list of must dos in their minds, but there are quite a few things and activities that no vacationer and traveler would want to miss.


On your visit, there are certain things that you would certainly enjoy. And, if you are wondering where to start your trip from, then the best start would be the old city tour. Did you know that the Indonesian capital has been a harbor city for more than four hundred years? The city houses numerous old buildings, which are a testimony of the bygone era of the place. These buildings have witnessed the advancement and growth of the city. Most of these structures are influenced by the European or Asian culture. You can definitely learn a lot about the amazing past of the place, by making a visit to these buildings.


If you are more interested in knowing more about the past and history of the place, then, head to the History Museum of the city. Inside the museum, you will get to see what the life was here, when the capital was governed by the Dutch. Inside the museum, you will see relics that are available from when the Dutch ruled the area and outside you will see things that show just how brutally Indonesian prisoners were treated. The city is not only about museums and ancient buildings. In fact, the place is also known as one of the prominent religious view holders in the world. You can find all forms of sacred places here. From Katedral or Immanuel Church for Christian Catholic faith with the 19th century European Architecture, to the Istiqal Mosque for the biggest Islam religious country in the world with modern architecture, the city has all.


The place is also known for its culinary delights and shopping extravaganza. You can pamper your taste buds with whatever kind of food you want. From the oriental and European to the Middle East cuisine and the authentic Indonesian food, you name it and it’s there. The Seafood is one of main cuisine here as the place is a harbor town. As far as shopping is concerned, it is one place that has numerous malls and arcades. You will get everything that you want. You can find many things from cheapest one in the traditional markets, usually at this place you must do bid to get the better price.


There is so much that you will not have a single dull moment in the city. So, book your tickets on any of the Jakarta flights and get ready for some fun times!


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