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Why should you go for a sustainable house design?

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Many people have heard about a sustainable house design but only few understand the benefits associated with this concept. Environmental consciousness and awareness has increased over the last decade prompting people across the globe to assume a greater level of responsibility with regards to how they impact on the environment. Part of this awareness is concerned with the efficient use of energy, in a bid to reduce energy wastage and the emissions associated with energy production.


Many governments have initiated comprehensive measures to enforce energy efficiency among manufacturing firms, business enterprises, and even residential centers. However, above and beyond governmental regulation, people are increasingly appreciating the need for energy efficiency at home, both to save energy costs and to reduce their carbon footprint. This explains why many developers, investors and homeowners are increasingly insisting on a sustainable house design.


To begin with, this concept denotes a building plan for a house that is self-sufficient in energy use. This kind of a house typically caters for all its energy requirements; it provides adequate energy supply all-year long in a sustainable manner. A good example is a house designed to exploit solar energy in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective manner. Such a house taps its energy supply from the sun and uses this to efficiently heat and/or cool the living spaces thereby ensuring that only minimal energy is wasted. The key to designing a house replete with a sustainable energy plan is ensuring that the house is built using natural materials whose characteristics aid in tapping the sun’s energy. Such a house can have internal cooling and warming systems powered by the sun and/or wind energy, ideally designed to cater for energy needs in any season.


The question, however, is about the benefits a user derives from a sustainable house design. The first of these is superior and consistent comfort. A house designed with sustainable energy features is capable of adapting to the seasons such that it can cool the livings spaces when it is hot and then warm the same spaces during cold weather. The house can thus provide a constant environment throughout winter and summer without extra costs. The second user benefit of such a house design is its ability to save on energy costs. This design eliminates the need for fossil-based fuels such as natural gas and petroleum products. While the installation investment might be slightly expensive at the start, minimal or zero energy costs thereafter makes this house design extremely cheap to maintain. Some of the other benefits include owning an environmentally-friendly building and being a responsible citizen with regards to conserving the environment. A sustainable house design allows for the reduction of our carbon footprints thereby helping to better protect our highly polluted ecosystems.

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