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Most Recent Effort to Improve Breast Augmentation in Tampa

by dennisrode

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As in any kind of cancer, breast cancer calls for extracting the tumor. One attempts to reach that juncture when every diseased cell has been eliminated, but it could leave the bust with an undesirable shape and makes breast enhancement almost imperative. But researchers are also presently looking into other feasible means to stop the development of the tumor entirely.

In March of 2012, researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island designed what is dubbed a "bed of nails," meant for breast augmentation in Tampa, along with other areas. The device serves as a wall to prevent cancer cells from compromising the bloodstream, which is how the infection spreads. During the test phases, the device has performed as expected; but it's uncertain whether or not the device will be readily available for commercial use. At the very minimum, however, it's a step in the right direction.

This "bed of nails" isn't comprised of real steel nails, but rather of beads that are constructed from polystyrene and polyactic-co-glycolic acid. The beads are 23 nanometers high (23 billionth of a meter) made to weaken cancer cells by cutting off their access to nutrients in the bloodstream. It's a drawn out elimination process but it showed some promise during the experimental phase.

Results of day-long tests showed that the beads in the "bed of nails" inhibited the generation of a crucial breast cancer protein. At the same time, it supplied a healthy place for endothelial breast cells to thrive. The researchers propose that the rough surface made it hard for the tumor to wrap around the rounded contours.

Additional research is required to validate the results, such as why and how the "bed of nails" discourages the growth of breast cancer. They also desire to discover if there are other materials that are just as efficient as the polymers used in the initial test. If enough medical evidence of its efficacy is culled, a number of Tampa breast implants may soon feature these "beds of nails."

To know more about this advancement currently under development, browse the article at the Brown University website at For the most recent on breast implants and augmentation, see the website

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