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DUI in Tampa Brings Change in Maitland City Council

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Following an arrest for any criminal offense, but particularly for a DUI, those charged should contact a lawyer as quickly as they can. Not only will those charged with drunk driving face the scrutiny of the courts, but their cases are often played out first in the court of public opinion. Practically everyone has heard the advertising campaign initiated by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau that contains the slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas …” Apparently, the same adage does not hold true in Tampa. Recently, a Maitland vice mayor was replaced after he was forced to resign in light of a media story that indicated that he’d been charged with DUI in Tampa and that his name showed up on a list of clients linked to an alleged Orange County brothel.

Maitland’s mayor has said that things have finally calmed down since the accused man’s resignation and the selection of an interim vice mayor who will serve in the position until regular citywide elections are held next March. However, things are anything but calm for the accused man, who finally resigned from the council after members stripped him of his Vice Mayor’s role. The vote from the City Council came after it learned of Phil Bonus’ arrest on DUI charges in Tampa. Those charges came after Bonus learned that his name had appeared on the client list of a suspected Orange County brothel. The Maitland city lawyer had told the city council that though they could not legally kick Bonus off of the council, they could strip him of the Vice Mayor title. The city lawyer is also looking into drafting new portions for the city charter to avoid such difficulties in the future.

A Tampa police report indicates that the Maitland man almost hit two Tampa police officers before he was pulled over on suspicion of DUI. On the advice of his lawyer, Bonus resigned his council position but would offer no other comment regarding any of the allegations or what he plans to do next. However, given the nature of all the accusations against him, it is good that he has the legal counsel of his DUI lawyer in Tampa available to him.

City council members are not the only ones who can end up needing the help of a DUI lawyer in Tampa. If you find yourself facing charges for drunk driving or other criminal charges, a lawyer in the Tampa area can help you to know how best to proceed and will work to make sure that you obtain the best possible outcome to your case. Contact a DUI lawyer in Tampa in order to get the legal help you need.

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