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The convenience of online brochures

by anonymous

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Since many years brochures were one of the easiest and cheapest way to advertise and introduce your company’s product or services to the consumers. You might know them as pieces that were used to be handed either personally to the specific target audience with the help of promoters or through their mail or sometimes even placed in brochure racks. However, now many companies are constantly trying to develop with the same pace as technology and by this were made the online brochures.


Their benefits

Online brochureshave indeed a great list of benefits because let’s face it what’s not to be listed? They lower your expenses as they lower your risk, they save much more of your time, they could get into contact with a bigger audience and they could be even page turning brochures, made by a special page-turn software. And the main difference is that your brochure can now contain different videos, audio files and much more different things in order for you to make it more customized, dynamic and wealth of.

Reading them is such as pleasant as producing them because their pages could be flipped with just one click. You could even control the level of zoom into a specific section to read easier the text, you could search for a concrete word, highlight some of the important parts, write a personal note anywhere in the brochure, place bookmarks and if you click at the clapboard icon you will be able to see all the videos on the brochure in one page. There are other possibilities as well and for this the online brochures are indeed one of the best marketing decisions one could make.


The cheapest way to promote your business

As you already should know, the online brochures should be by far the cheapest way to promote your service but what does that exactly mean with no concrete sums? Of course, as many companies are out there that would offer you to make your brochure, as many different prices there would be but there is an approximate cost per page that would help you decide whether you want to promote this business or not.

It would take somewhere around £5.00 for a single brochure of one page, but if you would like a page turning brochureof more pages then you might be happy to know that the more pages there are, the less money one will cost because you will most likely get some discounts. For example, if you want a brochure of 6 to 15 pages that might cost approximately £4.00 per page and if you want more than 30 pages in one brochure then that would be somewhere around £2.00 per page.


After the decision

If you infact really prefer an online brochure, then the only thing you should do to get one is to upload your text that you want the brochure to include and give it to any company, any site, which could do the job for you without concerns around stuff like packaging or other distribution costs. If you want some images, then you should include the JPEG files as well.


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