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Lanos Technologies to Lead the Web Hosting Market with Fresh

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19th Oct, 2012, Ricky McFarland, Company Representative for Press and Media, Lanos Technologies was addressing a press gathering in Mumbai, India on the latest launches that the company is to do in near future. She spoke enthusiastically on the same, “Lanos has been serving its precious clients for a very long time now, and it will soon introduce an array of services to meet the varied needs of its growing clientele. Currently, the company has been actively providing not only the web hosting solutions but also the SEO hosting solutions as well. This additional service that we give to our clients on request; to optimize their websites for search engine, has been liked a lot.”

The above statement clearly indicates the objective of Lanos towards its own growth and expansion, along with the quality it desires to serve its client base. The firm has been already providing almost every kind of available web hosting services to its clients. Prominent among them are the dedicated hosting services and cloud hosting services that are in demand by most of the large corporate international clients. The major reason behind it is that these two particular services are of an exclusive nature.

By exclusive nature; we mean the various attributes that make for the overall convenient service these two kinds of web hosting services provide. The preference is in the wake of the utility and liberty of resource usage. Dedicated server hosting can be configured to your site’s requirement and the facilities can be given to you in a standard manner from the hosting company while you install your own software and settings. Lanos has done this since the beginning for their esteemed clientele who just want to get a dedicated hosting service where they wish to install all the required software and applications by themselves.

The cloud hosting services consist a unique bunch of web hosting services that has a ‘zero’ downtime and limitless features when combined with Linux hosting services. The same applies for the dedicated server hosting, when it is done on the Linux operating system. Cloud hosting maintains the data of your site on a virtual storage where a backup is always made so even if your site be hacked or something of that sort happens; you have your precious data safe. Although there is no such possibility because of a very strong firewall and security updates from the hosting service provider.

Linux web hosting services are very popular among the professional webmasters because it is an open source software. It can be developed and modified as per one’s requirement, which is unlikely with the Microsoft’s Windows operating software. The Windows demand a licensed Microsoft software or application to run any windows based program, while that is not the case with Linux. It can adopt any kind of application that is Linux compatible, irrespective of who or where it has been developed. It is very clear, by all the figures and facts about the performance; of Lanos Technologies that it will be leading the IT market, in the field of web hosting in the future.

Lanos Technologies is one of the leading  web hosting India  companies catering to a large clientele across the globe. Based in India it has the most feasible dedicated, VPS and  web hosting services  even with Linux hosting server operating systems to provide maximum ease at a lower cost to all the clients.

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