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The Responsibility of a Play School

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We believe that early childhood is a unique and important stage in a child’s life. This is when learning and development occurs within the context of supportive relationships. It is our responsibility to provide preschoolers with just that safe and nurturing environment which they need in order to reach their full potential and become well-adjusted and communicative individuals. Our goal is to provide this vital support to our students and watch them grow into confident, secure and empowered children, with positive traits and high self-esteem – all of which are important pre-requisites for effective learning.

Value Education: Shaping Responsible Citizens of Tomorrow

Education's highest aim is to create moral and civic habits of the heart. The character of a nation is determined by the character of its people. Therefore, as a responsible early learning center, we at Kinderpillar believe that inculcating the right moral, social and environmental values begins as early as the play school level. We strive to fulfill this aim by creating a learning environment that facilitates honesty, responsibility and compassion in preschoolers – an environment where they function without the fear of punishment, without the pressure of competitiveness, without the stress of academic performance, but are gently nurtured to develop the right values. Our focus on value education nurtures in young children moral and civic habits that make them care for and respect their world.

Love for Learning: Igniting the Spark of Lifelong Learning

It is the responsibility of a Preschool to create a firm learning foundation for children, one that goes beyond immediate academic goals and nurtures a love for learning. In our vision of preschool education, children are natural doers, learners and problem solvers, and adults are partners who share in children’s discoveries and gently guide their learning. By providing a stimulating learning environment, we awaken your child's spirit and imagination and encourage early habits of observation, curiosity, exploration and self-reliance - providing a strong foundation for future learning habits and resourcefulness.

Holistic Development: The Whole Child Approach

Since the child spends 2-3 hours in his early learning centre, we believe it is the responsibility of the Preschool to approach each child’s development holistically and foster each child’s social, emotional, mental and physical development. Our curriculum, specially designed by an early learning expert, Ms Ellen Booth Church, is based on the very best research and teaching techniques used in the United States of America to educate young children and caters to every age and every stage that falls within the preschool spectrum. We provide hands-on learning experiences that maximize an infant social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development through multisensory experiences.

Respecting Uniqueness: Every Child is an Individual

In today’s world of ‘mass-produced’ students and ‘education factories’ we believe that it is the responsibility of every Play school to make that change and foster a culture of respecting individuality. At Kinderpillar, we believe that:

• Every child is unique
• Every child should be allowed to develop at his own pace
• Every child is appreciated for their individuality


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