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Use SEO Metrics for Performance Measurement

by manishyadav

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If only you measure it, you can improve it! This principle is applicable for every business vertical. Evaluation and performance measurement comes as a last stage in the project or campaign life cycle but quintessentially forms the starting point of a next successful project. Performance measurement is a critical aspect that decides whether an ongoing campaign is capable enough to fulfill the set goals. From the results and the numbers derived from the performance metrics, online marketing experts and SEOs can identify the loopholes in a  campaign and thereby, take relevant steps to set things right. There are times when a website would have the right kind of content, an attractive product line and an impressive look and feel but with low online traffic.  There can be just one factor or multiple factors that can be contributing to this redundancy. So, to measure the efficiency of the implemented SEO strategy, an enterprise should hire seo expert who will dedicatedly manage all aspects of the project lifecycle. 
If one is working in the capacity of an SEO, one should be aware of the performance metrics used for measuring and tracking the data regarding rankings, referrals, and links. The industry veterans based on their observation of the search engine have identified some of the metrics. Apart from this, the search engine in the likes of Google and Bing has provided some of the metrics. The metrics that have evolved out of consistent research and analysis are:
•Source of the website traffic: It is critical to understand the share of traffic each search engine is contributing to the site. These data can be gathered through direct navigation, referral traffic, and search traffic. 
•Traffic generated by specific search engines: It is important to understand how the keywords are faring with Google, Yahoo and Bing. The best way is to compare the performance of each of the search engines with its predicted market share. By analyzing the traffic generated by the search engines, an enterprise can either revamp the strategy for a particular search engine or focus on the powerful search engines. This discretion lies with the SEO expert who is responsible for the entire marketing campaign. As a result, enterprises prefer to Hire seo India and delegate these functions rather than pushing this responsibility to any other marketing personnel in the organization. 
•Traffic generated by specific search terms and keywords: Understanding specific terms and keywords that boost the website traffic is a clever way of attracting more attention on the web. Typically based on this analysis, an SEO can implement these important keywords across all the pages based and gauge the performance based on it. 
•Conversion rate: It is the only metrics that directly maps the SEO strategies to the ROI generated. With the knowledge of conversion rate, an enterprise can check and improve the rankings. In addition, after identifying the pages that attract most traffic, an enterprise can add more activity to that page. This activity is a tedious one and calls for constant monitoring and hence, can only be carried out seamlessly carried out by hiring an SEO expert. 
•List of pages receiving regular traffic:  Knowledge of the pages that attract traffic is a key metric for monitoring and analyzing the entire SEO process. This data helps us to understand the total number of pages from a particular website that the search engines are considering to keep in their indices. 

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