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Texas Well Drillers and the Governing Bodies

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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is responsible for the licensing of Texas well drillers; they also handle reports about abandoned wells. The TDLR determines what qualifications drillers need to possess in order to be licensed in the State of Texas. The Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers Program have an advisory committee that maintains and enforces the standards of practice within the water well Texas community. This includes revoking licenses or overseeing suspensions as well as assessing administrative penalties and fines for drillers who are in violation of the standards of practice.

This may seem like severe overseeing of workmanship but the truth is that Texas well drillers, like other drillers are responsible for the quality of a precious resource; as such it’s a protocol dependent job. The committee also has the responsibility of investigating consumer complaints against drillers or pump installers and they inspect all water wells to make sure they are compliant with safety and construction standards. It’s a big job because there are hundreds of well drilling companies in Texas which means there are thousands of drillers to govern.

The Texas Ground Water Association (TGWA) is another component of drilling society which tries to preserve the ground water resources and aims to advance the science behind well construction. Through advocacy and educational forums as well as promoting continuing education classes for water well Texas drillers and pump installers, the TGWA hope to maintain their current standards of practice. An important aspect or role of this association is the promotion of cooperation between contractors and the government to ensure that relationships remain smooth and productive. On top of this dynamic are the scientific agencies which work to develop and protect underground water supplies. All these groups need to work together harmoniously, even though they all play different parts. Contractors can survey for water and dig wells; the government advocates for water protection and safety standards where public water supplies are concerned and the scientific agencies both test water and help develop new methods for retrieving it and storing it.

The relationships between these groups can become tenuous in certain situations but the TGWA does its best to mediate and pass on all the relevant information to the public. In the end all the parties are motivated by the same thing; water protection. They often find themselves dependent upon one another whether it’s for regulations, data or labor – in one way or another they do need each other’s cooperation and support. While the TGWA is particular to Texas, many states have their own Ground Water Association that plays the same role within said state; helping integrate all the vital parties needed to keep our ground water safe and accessible.


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