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You are APPROVED with no personal guarantee

by dynamaxbusiness

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Most business owners quickly get accustomed to using their personal credit and personal guarantee for their businesses. As a result, most never realize that it IS possible to obtain considerable credit for their business with no personal guarantee or personal credit inquiry. I am a business credit expert dedicated to helping business owners build positive business credit profiles, and then using those profiles to obtain substantial amounts of useable credit. I can assist you in getting approved for $50,000 or more in business credit with NO personal guarantee and NO personal credit check. This means even if you have horrible personal credit, you WILL still qualify for $50,000 or more in real usable credit. —— Business Credit and Funding drip Emails —— 3 ©2012 Dispute Suite, all rights reserved. No reproduction or use of any portion of the content or work or the entire work is permitted without the express written permission and authorization of the publisher. However the publisher of these materials routinely grants authorization for reproduction or use of this work, in whole or in part. If you would like to use any portion of this material in a book, article, ezine, newsletter, radio, or television broadcast, pod cast or in any other seminar teleconference or other events or publications please e-mail: or Call 727-842-9999 First we setup a new business for you or we start working with your existing business if you own one now. We help you establish your D&B DUNS number and start the establishing of your credit profiles. We strategically help you get approved for new credit items that require shorter payback terms and report to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies. Once those items are paid, you will start to establish your business credit scores. We will then quickly start qualifying for useable credit with major retailers on revolving terms. Within months you will start qualifying for credit lines with retailers such as Dell, Home Depot, Office Max, Staples, Sears, and many more. You will also have an excellent business credit score established. Within a year you will be on your way to even more business credit with major card companies. These cards can be used at any stores just like a normal credit card. It is very realistic that from one year on you will continue to qualify for high credit limits in your business’s name with no personal guarantee. Many of our clients continue on to qualify for $100,000 or more in real credit in their business name. All of this is possible for YOU and your business, with no personal guarantee and no personal credit check. Call me today to learn more about getting approved for $50,000 in business credit this year with no personal guarantee and regardless of your personal credit quality.



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