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Why Should I Upgrade to Windows 8

by maddyacca

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Windows 8 is the Microsoft's new and a cooperative operating system (OS). It's the first one in this range of product by Microsoft. According to modern UI (formerly metro UI), the previous windows now cannot be upgraded as they are not in a condition for further upgrading. It is a user friendly windows. It not only provides a touch system but also provide with a slightly magical start screen. After watching this windows you may change your mind if you were not thinking about upgrading.

 start screen window

More Faster

The first and the most important thing about the Windows 8 is that it has a fast load rate. The problem we have with older windows is that, they take a long time to get into a useable state. You can judge it from here that I have removed almost everything from the bootable process I can and have to upgrade it to a SSD to make the old version load in acceptable time-frame. One cannot find that easy to do and have other complications too. Windows 8 is the right choice now. It requires less time to load even when it is used in a dual boot.

Refresh & Reset Option

This is a notable feature in Windows 8 that it lets you reset the windows to the start or factory settings. This thing actually helps you in case of malware infection or if you want a new start. In earlier versions this cannot be seen. The refresh option in Windows 8 allows you to keep your data in place as well as wipe the programs you installed. This actually is a less severe step than reset because if you reset the windows, the windows will wipe all the data and get the PC back to the default state.

File History Feature

This is another main and remarkable feature of Windows 8. It basically works on the aspect that it keeps a track of the most common locations, whenever there is any change to a file, this program detects it. This program then makes a backup of the file to your choice of location. You can set how long File History should maintain versions of all the changed files.

Windows Protection Tools

The new upgraded defender is really a refined and corrected version of the Microsoft Security Essentials. It is the company's individual antivirus too. It is like a proper anti-virus protection. It is also quite basic as compared to the other free accessible antivirus alternatives.

Windows account synchronization

 As with technology, Microsoft also provides a Cloud saving technique. Using Windows 8 you can link your Microsoft account to the OS. This will allow all the data and preferences to be saved into the clouds. These can be coordinated anywhere on any other device with windows 8.

Easy File Management

The windows 8 has a special feature that gives a graph showing the transferring speed and a frequently updated conclusion, when any file is moved or copied in windows. This is a main improvement over previous windows.

The New Hyper-V

Hyper-V is a powerful substitution for Windows Virtual PC, which is a great for developers and IT professionals.

Multiple Storage

This window allows you to use multiple storage/ connected disks to create a band of storage. This also allows you to make it as a single location with its own name. In case you are out of space then you can just add another drive to it.

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