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Considering Steroids and Bodybuilding

by anonymous

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With the increasing popularity of bodybuilding, more and more bodybuilding enthusiasts are now joining the bodybuilding bandwagon. When you watch the chiseled bodies in the fashion show or any other event, you might be allured of having the chiseled body like your favorite hero. The allure of bodybuilding is somewhat overwhelming, especially for young adults and teens who desire to b in the limelight.

There’s no doubt that bodybuilding market has turned out to be a multi billion industry. This industry includes different gears commonly used in the gym and also for home, membership of gyms, apparels, food supplements which also include the body building steroids to cover the routine. These are certain essentials which muscle or body building enthusiasts won’t mind spending their money on.

Most people interested in bodybuilding want to get a well chiseled body in the shortest possible time. This is when they use steroids. Steroids and bodybuilding has a deep relationship. Steroids are long been used by athletes to improve performance right before an event and can enhance strength and muscle mass among the weight lifters.

Bodybuilders consider steroids as “wonder drug” as it helps them to gain stamina and muscle mass. Basically, steroids are anabolic testosterone which help to gain the muscle mass in the least possible time. For most serious bodybuilders, steroids can boost the stamina and level of endurance to last through the intimidating exercises and workouts in the gym.

The human anabolic steroids are found in different names like Sustanon, Anadrol, Anavar and Durabolin. On the other hand, there are Laurabolin, Norandren 200, Equipise and Desposterona among the rest others that help to gain you strength and muscular mass that you want. However, steroid side effects are not unknown. Some people say that steroids can also cause brain tumors and can also enlarge the heart and lead to cardiac complications. Loss of sexual drive and infertility is also reported. Indeed all of these reports and complications are true. But they usually refer to any specific kind of steroids and not all.

If you are expecting desired results then you can consider natural bodybuilding without use of side effects. Desired results from steroids are momentary and need regular use if the bodybuilder wishes to maintain the muscle mass obtained from its consumption. However, if you are seeking results in the least possible time with steroids, then you require much more vigorous training regimen so as to use them up. Not only this, non fat carbohydrate and protein intake requires to be increased to about 5000 to 7000 calories regularly if you are on steroids regularly. In addition to this, regular blood test must be ensured as it is necessary to check on the steroids levels and to ensure that they are within the safe levels .

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