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Vehicle Defects Can Be the Cause of a Motorcycle Accident

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Asheville residents are most likely aware of many of the most common contributing factors to a motorcycle accident. When such accidents occur, however, and a rider is seriously injured, what matters is getting the necessary compensation that will enable the victim to quickly recover. In those instances, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can prove to be a valuable asset.

Motorcycle riders know that one of the biggest risks that they face is not being seen or noticed by other drivers. Sometimes, it happens too that once noticed, they are ignored by other drivers. There are also those risks that some motorcyclists bring upon themselves, such as splitting lanes, weaving between automobiles, and failing to utilize turn signals. However, one cause of a motorcycle accident that many riders and others fail to consider when an accident does occur is vehicular defects and part flaws.

Just as automobile parts can be poorly designed, defective at manufacture, or improperly installed, the same holds true for motorcycles. Often, unless your motorcycle has been subject to a recall, you have no way of knowing whether it is defective until an accident occurs, and even then, you may not have the expertise to be able to determine what caused the accident. However, an experienced Asheville motorcycle accident attorney has the breadth of experience and knowledge in dealing with motorcycle accidents to be able to thoroughly investigate your accident in order to ascertain the cause and determine who is accountable for your injuries.

Having an attorney who understands motorcycles and has successfully handled motorcycle cases and litigation in the past will prove extremely beneficial as you pursue the remuneration that you deserve as a result of your accident. The injuries involved in a motorcycle accident are often different and/or more severe than those most often sustained in other kinds of motor vehicle accidents, and it is important that your attorney understands and has experience with these, as well.

An attorney with experience in handling motorcycle accident cases will know what types of diagnostic tests you should have in order for doctors to make a complete and accurate diagnosis. In addition, knowing about motorcycle accident injuries will enable your attorney to seek the compensation that you will require well into the future, especially if your ability to be employed or to live at a certain quality of life has been compromised by the accident.

Despite your injuries, you have certain rights and are entitled to certain benefits. Contact an Asheville motorcycle accident attorney today to make certain those rights are upheld as you pursue the financial remuneration to which you are due.

With seven offices across North Carolina, Carl Nagle is a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer who has experience, focus, and demonstrated success in providing dedicated client service in accident litigation. Contact Asheville motorcycle accident attorney Carl Nagle at Nagle & Associates by calling 828.225.5626 or toll free 800.411.1583 or visit for a FREE initial consultation.

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