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Fatal Car Crashes In Portland may Require a Personal Injury.

by roydwyer01

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Auto accidents can happen anywhere, to anybody, and can involve a personal injury or fatality. According to Oregon Department of Transportation data, there were 310 fatal car crashes in Oregon in 2011. In the city limits of Portland, fatal auto accident statistics from that same year reveal 34 auto accident deaths. While less than 0.3% of auto accidents in Portland resulted in deaths, it is still a number which should not be ignored, especially considering that many more car accidents likely resulted in personal injury and the need for a Portland personal injury lawyer. In 2010, when there were 317 fatal car crashes in Oregon, more than 66% of those resulted in the death of the driver or passenger inside the vehicle, according to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration. This includes deaths in every age range, though it is heavily weighted toward those who were 16 to 64 years old. If and when these Portland auto accidents result in personal injury or death, help from a Portland auto accident attorney may be required.

While daylight and weather conditions may be a factor in these car accidents, it is important to note that ODOT data shows that most of Portland’s 2011 auto accidents happened during daylight hours on dry surfaces, though it does not specify what the conditions were for the fatal car crashes. Auto accidents, auto accident fatalities, and personal injury from an auto accident may be caused by driver carelessness or recklessness, pedestrians and bicyclists, equipment errors, or any other range of factors. According to the Torts section of the Oregon State Bar, “liability for a motor vehicle accident is determined by a review of the common law,” meaning that a Portland auto accident lawyer can review your case to determine if there is evidence of negligence.

In Oregon, according to 2011 data from ODOT, the most common reasons for auto accidents included violations of driver obligations, such as improper turns, speed, and careless and reckless driving. These statutory obligation codes, along with others like improper passing and unsafe vehicle movement, can be reviewed by accident attorneys in Portland to determine if there are other claims that may be filed in addition to common-law negligence.

If you or a family member has been involved in a car crash in any way that ended in <a href="">personal injury</a> or with the death of an individual, you may want to seek advice and help from an accident lawyer in Portland. Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys, with an office in Portland, is a law firm that works to help their clients receive fair compensation in Portland cases involving car crashes that result in personal injury or fatality. Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys are Portland auto accident lawyers who provide decades of experience, and have gotten millions of dollars of compensation awarded to their clients in cases involving auto accidents. To contact Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys, call 888-247-9023 or visit