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Castor Oil for Your Skin Care

by anonymous

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The primary reason for skin ages is that, it looses collagen and elastin as we age. So here comes the need of best skin care products containing ingredients that prevent this from happening. The quality of skin care products is determined by the ingredients it contains, and the ingredients alone. You can gain a huge advantage by learning about some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients before you actually look to buy.

We all are aware of oils that it’s used in the making of natural skin care products. The oils form a very important part of any natural skin care product. Oil is an ingredient that is highly saturated with nutrients. It is a high concentrate of the ingredient that it is extracted from and hence is in high demand. Oils in natural skin care products truly make it a potent and an effective product.

Have you heard about bursitis? It’s an injury which is caused by any common sports is known as bursitis. Within every joint, there is present a sac filled with fluid, known as a bursa. The actual location of a bursa is in the middle of the bone of any joint and the muscle which covers it. The function of a bursa is to act as shock absorbent thus, protecting the soft tissues from damaging when friction is produced by a strong bone.

On the affected joint applying some castor oil and then covering it with the help of a cotton flannel can help you to relax from bursitis. After applying this giving heat to it, you can get relief from the pain caused by the bursitis.

You can try some the natural home remedies for bursitis by grinding a potato and adding to it one cup of water. Let it stay for night long and in the morning, strain it properly. Drinking the solution every day before breakfast time, you can get the best results. Consuming that solution on a regular basis will prevent the occurrence of bursitis.

You can also consume a mixture of honey, apple cider vinegar and water. Drinking sea water on daily basis is also a natural cure for bursitis. It is regarded as the best home remedy for bursitis. If you are a high blood pressure patient then it should be avoided. A good remedy of bursitis lies in the application of tea tree oil, local sesame oil or the oil of eucalyptus on the affected area.

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