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Decreasing wildlife in United States of America

by Peace4animals

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Humans, animals and plants are all
important elements of the natural environment on the earth. This place equally
belongs to all the living creatures that live on this planet and they
completely rely on this for their food, habitat and living. But humans are
cruelly destroying plants and animals and thus creating a danger for all. The
destruction of forests and habitats is causing the extinction of many animals
every day on the earth.




The United States
hold a great treasure of distinct landscapes like polar ice, semi tropical
jungles, windblown prairies, temperate rainforests, alpine peaks, deserts and
coral reefs. Its habitats include some of the most fertile land on Earth and
some of the most barren western salt flats. Striking and a diverse wildlife
still flourishes in most parts of this country, including bald eagle, moose, caribou, wolverine, bison, grizzly bear, elk, mountain lion, musk ox, polar bear, and wolf. Thousands of
species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds also live in the United States
of America.



But lately many of wild animals and
birds such as pandas, bears, tigers, alligators, whales, wolves, moose, kites,
and caribou are facing with the
threat of extinction. Their decline has been increased by the destruction of
their habitat and their nesting places by the widespread use of chemicals and
pesticides which enter their food chains leading to sterility and mass deaths.
These help less creatures are forced to leave their natural habitat and live in
a stray condition which is resulting to the death of many species.




Apart from this many of the cruel
acts of humans are also leading to the death of many endangered species. For a
sport many human indulge in hunting and kill this wild animals carelessly. For
an instance, when sport hunter
looks for hunting lions, they generally prefer to target the largest possible healthy
animal that is likely to be leading a pride like males. Killing of a pride
leader often results in the deaths of many other lions in the pride in
particular, young lions that are still dependent on their mothers. In the
brutal world of lion society, when a new male takes over a pride whose leader
has been killed, he usually kills all the cubs in order to clear the way for
the birth and nurturing of his own progeny. Even when the pride is led by more
than one dominant male a frequent occurrence the death of one male leaves the
pride more vulnerable to a takeover attempt by a group of males from the outside.
Thus, by just an sport of leisure many of the creatures looses their lives.





It is largely for such reasons that
for Animals Rights think the United States of
America should put the halt on American lion hunters for all the endangered
species killings. These Animal Welfare societies who work for Wild
Animals Rescue take every measure to stop the harsh and cruel unwanted deaths
of these creatures that lose their lives either for human leisure, for food or
for their clothing’s.




Wildlife conservation and Wild
Animals Rescue projects have been undertaken in most
parts of United States, both at the government as well as the individual level,
to protect the rich wildlife of the country. They work hard for Animal
Welfare and to fight for their rights and to stop destruction of their natural
habitats by human source. The threatened species
will definitely gain immense benefit from conservation efforts of such Organizations
for Animals Rights substantially with time.
However, the time is passing by quickly and necessary actions should be taken
fast to preserve the wildlife.

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