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Picking the Right Shipping Partner For You

by kathrynfeeley736

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One of the things that the average man in the street does not realise about business is its sheer size. After a certain point in a company's development, the amount of stock in which it deals can become so large as to involve the regular movement of tonnes of payload – often at a high value and in a pressured time window. It is rarely the most glamorous part of business, but shipping is what makes the world go round, and without the movement of large amounts of stock on a daily basis – by land, sea and air – global business just couldn't happen in anything like the amounts it does. Once it gets to the point where you are moving this amount of stock on a daily basis, you have a decision to make, and this decision is often dictated specifically by how much wealth your company commands.

Some businesses can afford to have their own in-house shipping department that goes worldwide, but if you aren't in command of such amounts of money and your business is not specifically haulage-oriented, the likelihood is that you will have to entrust the shipping of your stock to an outside contractor, who will become your shipping partner. The thing to remember about international freight delivery is that it is about more than mere distance and terrain. The moment stock crosses a border, it is a different matter from just taking it to a neighbouring city or even a city at the opposite end of the same country. It becomes subject to the rules and regulations of the country it enters, and companies that deal with business freight forwarding need to be on top of these regulations to ensure that they can do their job to the best of their ability.

There are other specifications to take into account – all of which require knowledge. When you are adopting a business freight forwarding partner, it is important for you to know how able the company is to handle the challenges of delivering to areas of the world where you will have customers. Price is not the only consideration for a company looking to export large amounts of stock. Having an international freight delivery contractor who you can trust really takes on a high level of importance as, without the knowledge that your goods can get to where they have to be on time and in good condition, you can forget about profitable overseas business entirely. The author of this article is the holder of a Masters degree in International Shipping and Finance and runs her own company dealing with international freight delivery across continents. She has written a thesis on business freight forwarding and has been nominated for a number of young business professionals' awards as a result of her impact on the industry at a young age. This has seen her approached to speak at numerous conferences on the issues facing international businesses in the modern age.

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