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Emergency Food

by AdrieneMay

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One of the harsh realities of life is that disaster is bound to happen anytime leading to a state of emergency. As such, it is always good to be prepared for emergencies by setting aside some food because this is a necessity that we all can not do without. According to disaster preparedness experts, it is advisable to store food and water that can last you and your household for at least three days because by then you will have gotten help from relief agencies. Even then, you can always focus on storing food that can last weeks if you have the capacity to do so because nobody is never sure of the magnitude of disaster and the aftermath. Thus, by storing a lot of emergency food you can be on the safe side even when you are faced with the worst case scenario. Emergency food storage calls for you to ensure that you include foods from all classes of nutrients so that there is a balance. In addition, you also need to identify those foods that can stay edible over a long time and finally, consider the amount of storage that is required for those foods that intend to store. Freeze dried foods are particularly recommended when preparing your food for storage. This is because most of the freeze dried foods are usually flash frozen before having the water removed. This way the food retains its original texture and taste so that when it is rehydrated and ready for consumption it will be like fresh food. It is because of these reasons that freeze dried foods are considered to the best solution when it comes to storing foods for a long period of time. The other advantages of freeze dried foods include the fact that this food has a long shelf life. On average, freeze dried food is estimated to last up to 25 years while retaining its taste and texture. Secondly, it is also ideal for those people who are going camping as it is light in weight. By opting for freeze dried foods, you will get to save on about 70 to 90 % in terms of weight. The other advantage of freeze dried foods is that they can be prepared within a very short time. Interestingly this food can be prepared in either cold or hot water in a matter of minutes. This is mainly because in times of disaster you may not have the privilege of having a fire to cook the food as you would normally do under normal circumstances. Finally, apart from retaining its taste and texture the freeze dried foods also have the ability to retain the aroma. The best option of storing the emergency foods is the mountain house foods cans that are ideal for storing the freeze dried foods. In fact, Mountain house is recommended when packing food for various occasions like camping, hiking, hunting and backpacking among others. One of the leading resources where you can find information on storing food for emergencies is Nitro-Pak. The site offers information on how to best store various foods in readiness for an emergency or later use.

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