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Understanding the benefits of a horse bits

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Understanding the benefits of horse bits

If you've ever seen a horse react to a heavy-handed rider pulling forcefully on the bit you might think that they are cruel bits of equipment. However, used with sensitivity a horse bit is a crucial item that helps the rider communicate effectively with their horse.

The fact is that <a href="">Horse bits </a> have been used safely for thousands of years. For millennia skilled riders have known that effective use of bit involves applying pressure rather than pain to specific areas of the horse's mouth. The most skilful riders are able to communicate with their horses with the lightest of touches.

It's not only the skill of the rider that determines how much control they have over their horse - the design of the bit also has a big influence. A snaffle bit is considered the most moderate of horse bits and allows the rider to apply pressure directly to the tongue or corners of the horse's mouth without leverage. At the other end of the scale are gag bits, which are thought to be more severe but can be useful for horses that tend to lean too heavily on the bit.

To get the most benefit from a horse bit, riders should understand that they should use them in conjunction with the way they sit and use their legs to communicate with their horses much more effectively. However, even through using your legs and changing your seating position, horse bits are incredibly important for riders who need tight control over their horses - in fact, for sports such as dressage they are essential.

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