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Common Roof Problem and How Roofing Contractor Can Fix Them

by brendangertner

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Roofs are designed to protect houses from external elements. However, as they're the component of your home most exposed to various weather conditions like heat, rain, wind, and snow, they're also the most vulnerable. Over time, every homeowner is bound to experience roof-related problems like the ones listed below:

Cracked Shingles

When you go out in the sun—whether to do some gardening or other activities—it's likely you'll end up sunburned or have dry, flaky skin. Likewise, shingles on your roof that have been overexposed to the sun's harmful UV rays tend to dry, crack, and loosen from the covering—or worse—fall off from the roof. To solve this problem, a roofer will have to apply a roofing sealant under and evenly over the cracked shingles. If the gaps are wide, the roofer will need to cover the sealant with shingle granules, which can often be sourced from the rain gutters.

Loose Flashings

Since the climate in places like Delta and New Westminster in British Columbia occasionally includes isolated showers, you can easily tell if your roof has begun to leak. Most roof leaks are caused by flashings that have come loose or have corroded. When this happens, rainwater cannot flow freely from the roof like it's supposed to.

A reliable Delta roofing contractor may need to replace your current flashing when this happens to prevent more leaking. To secure the flashing into place, the roofer will use durable roofing nails. Afterwards, he will need to put sealant over the nail holes to protect them from damage.

Clogged Gutters

The eaves on your roof are the pipes which should direct water away from the roof; however, if they have begun to rot, it could mean that your gutters are in trouble as well, as the gutters may have become clogged with debris like leaves and twigs. Clogged gutters can easily be solved by removing the debris. To prevent your gutters from accumulating debris in the future, an expert in roofing New Westminster locals trust can install gutter guards.

Damaged Roofs

Tree branches that fall off can cause serious damage to the top layer of a roof. When this happens, a dependable Delta roofing contractor will replace the damaged parts or install a new covering. For more information, visit

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