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Say those magic words with lots of love, and a solitaire

by kittyperry

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There are a hundred things that you can do to ensure that the night you plan to pop the question to your loved one goes great. Buying an engagement ring is definitely one of these things. It is highly likely that you will get distracted in the jewelry store once you go in there to choose the perfect ring that speaks out the name of your would-be fiancée, and something that you can be sure will light up her whole lovely face like the sky on the fourth of July. On the other hand, you must be careful that you don’t buy anything that is too showy, because, trust me, you simply don’t want to come across as someone who either throws his money away or uses his moolah to impress the girl, and definitely more so on this special night. So, visit a 1 carat diamond shop to choose the perfect ring for her delicate finger in order to ensure that she says yes to your proposal. On the other hand, make sure that the ring you choose is the prefect one, something that she will treasure for the rest of her life. It is best to go for something that will be as unique as the woman of your dreams.

There is possibly no better way to show that you love your woman and how much you want her to be a part of your life forever than by presenting her with a lovely 1 carat diamond engagement ring. Make sure that you do not go too showy and extravagant with your surprise; you definitely do not want the moment to be taken away in her admiring he ring and not your efforts. Jokes apart, an extravagant jewelry is likely to make the impression that you are an extravagant person who doesn’t really know the value of money, and no woman is likely to be too impressed with such a man. On the other hand, make sure that the ring hat you chose is not too simple; this might lead her into believing that you haven’t put much though into the purchase and bought whatever caught your eye at the moment and felt easy on the pocket.

Besides choosing the right kind of engagement ring, it is also highly necessary to choose the right kind of setting. If she is fond of ostentatious surroundings, take her to an elegant restaurant. Make sure you have booked a table or two in advance, so that there is no hassle when you finally reach there. If you want to make things a bit more especial, draw in the concierge in your conspiracy, and they can add to the flavor of the moment with just the right kind of music. If such a setting is not right up your alley, then you can always choose a more understated place, maybe something tat you two frequent quite often. This will not only make her comfortable it will also keep her from guessing into the occasion at all if she found that there is actually nothing out of the ordinary going on until you slip on the ring on her finger.

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