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Best Kids Movies For Kids During Sleepover

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For the kids sleepover is the most interesting and amusing stuff to do, when they have invited kids of their age. Kids wait for this activity because they can have fun on this night. Among different activities, watching the best kids movies is great. By watching the sleepover movies, kids can have a good time with their friends. Actually they want to watch some popular movies, which are best for their age and which fulfils their interests.


Sleepover movies are of several categories. The categories are comedy, action, fiction, horror, witch-wizard-sorcerer movies, adventure, fairytale and many more. Huge gap can be found in the different age levels - young kids (5-6), kids (7-8), preteens (9-11) and teens (12-14). The kids who are in the age group of 5-6 have their own taste and field of interests. According to their taste and interest they choose the  free kids movies for their SLEEPOVER. Usually the kinds who are in the age level of 7-8 or 9-11 or 12-14 differ in the area of interests. Every age level differs from other but the individual of a same level possesses almost same taste and interest. Considering gender, the choice of boys and girls also differs in case of selecting movies for SLEEPOVER. There are some sleepover movies, which are mostly preferred by the girls in general, and on the other hand boys will choose those movies which will suit their ‘Boy’ image. Actually selection of the sleepover movies depends on the level and gender of the kids.


As we know that there are many movies but all these movies are not the best kids movies for sleepover. Kids prefer to watch those movies, which they find interesting. According to the survey of the there are some movies for kids in general and among these movies some rank 4.5 stars, some 4 stars and other rank below 4.The best sleepover movies for kids, according to the , are Now and Then, Dirty Dancing, Practical Magic, The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Real Genius, Legally Blonde, Young Frankenstein, Ten Things I Hate about You. These movies get 4.5 stars in the survey of the best sleepover movies for kids. The movies All I wanna Do, Get Over It, Drive Me Crazy, Bring It On, Sixteen Candles rank 4 stars in the survey.


The survey of the shows that the most popular movies for sleepover get 5 starts. These are the best kids movies in general to make their sleepover an unforgettable memory of their life. The movies are as follows Toy Story, Finding Nemo, My Neighbor Totoro, The Princess Diaries, Singin’ in The Rain, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Fly Away home, Hugo, The Princess Bride, The Secret Garden, Indiana Jones and the Raider of the lost Ark, The lord of the Rings: The Fellow Ship of the Ring. These movies are ranked on the basis of viewers’ choice of


Sleepover movies have a great impact on the kids. So the movies of the sleepover must suit the level of the kids. They learn many things from the movies and the situations of the sleepover. So the movies mentioned above can be the best sleepover movies for kids.


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