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Tips to keep in mind when buying loose 1 carat diamonds

by kittyperry

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Diamonds, as they say, are a girl’s best friend. However, one cannot help but notice that men seem to have quite a bit of interest in these rare stones too, something clearly brought about on account of their value. Needless to say, these sparkling stones are much coveted and cost enough to burn a hole in anyone’s pocket, thanks to the fact that they are not easily found, and can add oomph and pizzazz to the most simple of garments. Now, the immense popularity of diamonds has naturally catapulted them into the highest ranks in the gemstone and jewelry market, and there are no mean amounts of competition in this specific zone. As an inevitable consequence of the same, there are quite a few companies that would as easily hoodw ink their customers as they would take a sip of tea; that is, pass off a stone of much lower value as a diamond. The possibility of falling into such a trap is even greater for a layman lover of the stone if he or she is buying it loose and not as part of an ornament. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that various points are kept in mind when making this kind of a purchase.

Firstly, one must remember certain basic points about a diamond. There are several misconceptions regarding this gemstone, the biggest one being that these stones are sparkling, shooting out rainbows of brilliant colors every time they catch the sun. In truth, they simply don’t do this. So, if you come across some 1 carat diamonds looking very much like the real thing and displaying mind boggling shows of colored light, steer clear of them. These are possibly semi-precious stones, worked upon very hard to make them resemble the rock you are looking for. Another very common mistake that is made is deciding the price going by the size of the stone. Like everything else, diamonds are also varied in shape, size and quality. So, do not assume that just because you are buying a huge stone, you need to dole out half your fortune. Very often, the size of the diamond has nothing to do with the price tag attached to it. The cut and the polish of the stone have more to do with the price tag than the size of the same. On the other hand, it will not be smart to assume that the size of the stone has nothing to do with the price at all. It certainly does, but the importance of the same is far less than other factors influencing the cost of the diamond. One sure shot method of judging a diamond is to test it against glass. A failsafe and foolproof method, a diamond will reveal its true colors as soon as you scratch it across a glass surface which will definitely become two when stroked by this stone. Besides, it is always advisable to buy such precious stones such as diamonds from reputed sellers. There are a lot of stores that have cropped up, claiming to sell authentic diamonds. However, stick to trusted brands like 1 carat stores for diamonds in order to ensure that you are investing your hard earned money in the real thing and not any pebble.

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