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Various Styles for Different Tastes

by tedjuhl

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The brassiere was created to liberate women from the tyranny of the corset as well as to provide them with a more comfy means to achieve sufficient bosom support. Nowadays, females use various bras for different occasions, relying on the degree of comfort and support they want. Prima Donna Bras, in particular, provide a good selection in terms of protection, support, and design to make sure a comfortable and elegant fit.

Amongst the different bra kinds offered, the full cup bra is known as the most basic of them all. A full cup bra provides maximum comfort to the bosoms and the bust line, with cups that feel comfortable and fine-textured. Most t-shirt bras are in fact full cup bras that offer decent support and conceal the nipples effectively.

Some women who wish to have buxom silhouettes without resorting to padded bras can choose to wear molded cup bras that include lace lining. Molded cups provide volume or form to the bust line without including bulk; nonetheless, these kinds of bras do create the optical illusion of fuller breasts. On the other hand, some bras are created with spacer cups that adjust to the shape of the user's bosoms.

Additionally, one can also wear shape bras and demi cup bras made with sheer or fit together lining. Demi cup bras are at least half the size of full cup bras; in fact, some demi cups are little enough to scarcely cover the nipples. Certain demi cup bras are covered with a full cup sized sheer or mesh lining; others only have lining within the cups to flaunt the cleavage. Most demi cup bras have a plunging fit for an optimum view of the cleavage.

For an elegant design, one can use contour bras that are generally made with tulle. Tulle is a soft yet securely spun textile like silk, nylon, or cotton. Tulle is also called netting and is also used to make petticoats and underskirts. The tulle lining of contour bras is in some cases mistaken for lace bras, which are softer in texture and are commonly intricately enhanced.

Finally, padded cups have fiber fill within the cups of seamless or t-shirt bras. Fiber fill is made with mixed cotton and artificial fiber. On the extreme end, one can find sheer bras that barely cover the busts. For more info, check out

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