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The men who love to date

by williamsjack145

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Some people, women especially, wonder what the appeal of an escort is. They assume that people who are visiting these girls in London are sad, lonely old men, or men who have social issues, or sometimes, men who are sex addicts. Nothing can be further from the truth. Various different newspapers, women’s magazines and indeed men’s magazines and sites have all run surveys on the type of men who seek the company of escorts, and the results are surprising.

Most men who seek companionship online and from escorts are aged between 24 and 35. These are men who are at the very start of their long careers. They are working long hours, and trying to live a lifestyle that fits in with the image they are trying to exude, and sometimes this includes the female company they keep. They want to be seen with gorgeous girls, who are charming and can talk to anyone, and who are very low maintenance. These are girls that don’t need to be called or taken out anywhere fancy once a week to keep up the relationship. These are girls who know what they are there for, which more often than not is to provide companionship and fun. The men surveyed also pointed out that they were lonely and felt that they just didn’t have the time to put into a traditional relationship, meaning that these girls they are seeing are fulfilling a need.

After this age group came the men who had just come out of long term relationships and were feeling a little down about the whole thing. Men still have libido’s and urges, but the thought of having to endure dating and all the relationship stuff in order to have those urges met often means that these men turn to escorts in which to spend their time and rebuild their self confidence and esteem after taking a knock in their divorce or breakup. These are men wanting to get back into the dating pool, but want to take it slow and dip their toe into the pool of possibility before diving right in.

There are still the men who like to spend their time with escorts because it makes them feel in control and powerful, and men who just have too much time on their hands. But, no matter who you think dates escorts in London, you can be guaranteed that they are men who you probably know, men who you work with, who you talk to in the street, men who you are related to. Everyone needs and craves attention and company, and if you find that the traditional ways of spending your time with women just aren’t cutting it, then perhaps a foray into something new and exciting is the way to go.



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