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Save Your Family With Electric Cigarettes

by davein

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Smoking cigarettes is a habit that is truly addicting. This is because of the nicotine content infused in the cigarette itself. It is because of this addicting mechanism of cigarettes that many people would tend to increase in the number of cigarettes which they smoke on a daily basis. The smoking habit usually starts with one stick of cigarette which would later on grow into one pack a day. Unfortunately, the habit is so addicting that it won’t stop with just one pack a day. The excessive use or the abuse of cigarettes makes it’s user a lot more prone to different illnesses or diseases. Those so-called chain smokers are actually exposing themselves from the ill-effects of cigarette smoking among these are emphysema, halitosis, lung cancer among others. That is however not the most unfortunate effect of smoking, what is most saddening is the fact that while you smoke you actually are affecting the people around you.


Your question maybe is how do you actually affect others when you smoke? Basically, you affect people around you because of the smoke that you exhale from smoking that cigarette. Second hand smokers or those that do not actually smoke but are falling ill due to the smoke that they inhale coming from smokers may be an innocent bystander or someone you know like a family member. Aside from the smoker falling ill family members who may be inhaling the smoke may also fall ill and might even have a lot more serious disease than that of the smoker himself. Therefore if you love the people around you, it is high time that you start being considerate.


Use Electric Cigarettes


Of course, as established above, smoking is actually an addicting habit that one cannot easily do away with. Those who have been smoking a pack a day are already addicted that quitting may put them into a rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes. Most of those who are trying to quit would undergo a “cold turkey” phase that may prove to be quite painful and an unpleasant experience. However, confronted with the dilemma on choosing between your habit with that of the health of your family members, you obviously have to take that sacrifice. Well, maybe not because there is an alternative to smoking that can curb your addiction gradually as well as maintain the air clean for people around you to inhale. This is by using an electric cigarette, the air is kept clean and reduces if not eliminates the risk of second hand smoking because the smoke is not actually smoke but vapour from the water that comes out of the electric cigarette. Therefore, it is just similar to inhaling fog or any normal water vapour. Using electric cigarette is smoking without endangering or risking the health of the people you love.

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