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Culturally Diverse Croydon

by kent

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Croydon has quite a bad reputation across England. It is frequently referred to as a place that is home to scum and people who cannot be bothered to work so live off of benefits. However, what people don’t seem to realize, is that Croydon is also home to successful people who have worked very hard for their money. Croydon has great transport links which run frequently to main stations in London, Gatwick Airport, Brighton and many other locations. Croydon is also home to a Tramlink line. The tramline in Croydon has become a vital mode of transport for school children in the mornings and afternoons, as well as being invaluable for adults to get to and from work.


Yes, Croydon does have an extremely high rate of homeless people and people who are on benefits but it is not all that bad. Some areas but not particularly pleasant but others are home to people who are part of a community who care about each other. Most schools in Croydon are catholic schools and to get your child a placement at them you have to be a regular at your local church. This means going to church at least once a week and getting to know others in the parish. It is understandable that agnostic and atheist families feel it is not fair to base a child’s education on their religion, but that is just the way it is and how it will probably be for a long time to come. Whilst there is a large religious community in Croydon, there is also a very naughty community! A Croydon escort can be a very, very bad girl.


A positive thing that can be said about Croydon is that it is extremely welcome of immigrants. Most people who have grown up in the area have grown up with other children who are from families all across the world. The young generation of Croydon generally do not have a racist bone in their body because they have friends who are black, white, Asian, mixed-raced, Hispanic.. This is normality for them. In Croydon you will see girls of all shapes and sizes, of all races, who are absolutely stunning. Croydon escorts know how to dress. There is absolutely no nightclub in London that compares to Croydon nightclubs when it comes to the calibre of girls. You can walk into any nightclub in Croydon - Yates, Milan Bar, Reflex, Bar Seven... 90% of the girls will be stunningly sexy. An escort in Croydon knows just how to dress to excite and please a man.


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